Would you like to increase the productivity of your call center agents? Did you know as your customer service grows inefficient, the number of your customers decrease? Would you like to have software that is easy to use, reduces unnecessary costs for infrastructure, and doesn't take forever for agents to learn? Smart call center reporting software is the key to an over all increase in customer service satisfaction!

If you've ever been baffled by expensive call center software requiring technical knowledge, had to pay exorbitant long distance fees, or complain of never ending busy lines, our special software is for you. Increase customer service efficiency.

Our call center software allows you to record calls of your agents or agents can request recording. Have the ability to listen to several of them real time. Monitor how they receive calls, and verify sales for outbound telemarketing. Evaluate campaign success with our call center software and create instant reports on agent productivity and amount of calls.

Easy to use.
If you can use email programs, you will have an easy time using the software. It doesn't require advanced computer skills - it's completely web based, which makes the software easy to use and easy to learn by agents. Administrators can monitor and manage agents, create reports, and execute important administrative duties.

Lower Infrastructure costs.
All you need for our call center software is a PC, headset, Internet access and your agent. You don't have to deal with expensive infrastructure taking up office space. Our  software also allows you to cut costs on long distance calls – benefit of a hosted call center.Increase Inbound sales.

Have the opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell on every call your sales agents take with our call center software. Take out the expensive cost of infrastructures, fancy software, technical support, and focus on profiting from every satisfied customer. While it takes sometime to learn call center technology, your agents will breeze through our training program, giving them an earlier start in servicing your customers.

Whether you are a small business with as little as 4 agents, or a thriving one that outsources agents, our call center software benefits your business and your customers. If you're interested in our offer, fill up our form right now and we will immediately call you to discuss how you can integrate our call center software with your business.

Online Call Center Solutions Delight Customers

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Call center solutions solve a range of age-old problems. As far back as ancient times, the success of a business has always depended on how well that business can communicate with clients and meet their needs. It is necessary to be available, in touch, easy to reach, and pleasant to deal with. From the point of view of the customer who needs to purchase a product, or is having trouble with a product or service he has already purchased, help must be readily available. From the point of view of a business competing within a certain market or industry, it is necessary to be recognized, and to constantly maintain or increase one's market share. At the bottom of all these needs is communication, and that is exactly what the call center is there to provide.

This may sound simple, but it isn't. Communication is no longer just a matter of answering the phone. For a start, there are several different modes of communication - phone, fax, email - and clients use them all. In response to this, there are several solutions that make it easier to compile and integrate communication from all these different sources. Computer telephony integration, or CTI, is important to every major call center. This is just one example of a solution that a large call center is able to provide, while smaller, in-house centers may find it harder to keep up to date.

Because of the sheer number of calls and other communication coming into a call center on any given day, it is important that the calls be managed and distributed for maximum efficiency. In and of itself, answering calls in a timely fashion is vital. Being put on hold for lengthy periods of time is a common pet peeve for many customers; in fact, it has been proven that businesses lose clientele because of this. Everybody's time is valuable, and clients resent it when technology appears to make things more difficult rather than easier. Moreover, if a customer calls in order to get a solution to a problem, he or she wants to speak someone qualified to solve that problem - as quickly as possible. Nowadays, various solutions exist that allow calls to be answered quickly and distributed effectively. These include interactive voice responses, which make it easy for a call that is answered automatically to be managed correctly.

Call centers are also a major source of outreach for many organizations, and there are many technological solutions that allow outgoing calls to be made much more efficiently than in the past. With manual dialing or elementary automatic dialing, much of the call center agent's time was wasted. The agent would continually call numbers that were not answered, out of service, or busy; he or she would reach a live voice less than 50% of the time. In fact, in the past, agents would typically spend only twenty minutes of every hour interacting with clients or potential clients. Developing a solution to this problem, and the inefficiency that accompanied it, was paramount - and sure enough, today's predictive dialers allow the agent to spend about fifty minutes of each hour interacting with clients. This is a far more efficient use of time. Predictive dialers transfer the call to an agent only when a live voice responds. They also keep track of which agents are available at a given time, in order to correctly distrubute the calls that come into the call center.

All in all, call centers today are equipped to provide a wide range of effective solutions to age old communication problems, as well as the increasing communication demands of today. There is one possible catch, however - larger call centers are far more able to provide these solutions and services. Smaller centers, or in-house call centers in smaller companies, may not be able to keep up. Keep in mind that it is not only their own client base that they need to 'keep up' with - as the demand for good communication increases, each company is competing with every other company's level of communication, service and self-promotion, as well. For this reason, many companies are turning to larger centers to outsource communicaiton services, knowing that in this way they will be able to access a full range of call center solutions.

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