Only Call Center Software may not be the tool necessary to answer all your unauthorized charges but it can out-wit the crooks in their own game. There are a number of cramming schemes that are used by crooks in order to get your number and eventually use it to make unwanted charges on your bill at the end of the month.

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Cramming Schemes - Free Minute Deals

Check out the following:
You are given Free Minute Deals by a company, then once you make the call you are put on hold. Remember that the hold you are in is being charged no matter even if they say that it isn't.
When trying to get through an adult entertainment service, there is a big probability that you will be made to dial a number starting with 011, 500, or another unfamiliar area code. These are all expensive international calls, which makes the provider earn money because they are charging you every minute your on the line.

The same thing goes for making Dating Service Calls. They will tell you that you are going to be put on hold and they will be teleconferencing you in a few minutes. The conversation you will have with your date is that you will eventually be charged and they will labeled as collect or toll charges on your phone bill.

A sweepstakes promotion will call you and say that you just won a prize. The only way to get this prize is to dial an 800 number. This phone number from which you call will be captured and eventually billed. Some companies will say that you need to fill out a contest entry form. This is because they want to get information from you, particularly get your phone number. By doing such, you are held liable for the authorization of the unmade calls when the bill comes.

By dialing an 800 hot line for the purchase of services like a free date line, psychic line or other adult entertainment service, a voice prompt will instruct you answer any questions an operator will be asking in a matter of minutes. This will automatically enroll you in a club or service program capturing your number and eventually billing you for services you did not purchase at all.

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The method of recording calls is one of the best approaches to coaching call center agents and ensuring quality. Here is a nine-step plan to train agents and improve quality of service in any call center:

1. Random recording is important. Do not record three calls back to back or on the same day as an employee's performance is not based on only one day but more like the average performance in specific periods. The agent may lack quality performance in a few calls, but does not necessarily become a reflection of their typical performance.

2. Review the calls, see to the strengths and note the possible improvements needed. Before meeting with your employees, hear the calls and note what they did well and identify opportunities for improving performance.

3. Play a tape and let your employee listen. During playback of the tape, there is no need to respond.

4. After the tape is played, ask your employees to respond. Most employees will be too self-critical. Many call center agents will probably take into account many opportunities for improvement and struggle to articulate what they have done well.

5. Coach the call center agents. Use the "sandwich" approach. Tell your employees they did well, followed by constructive criticisms, and then end with positive feedback. When offering constructive criticisms, share opportunities for improvement. The agent is likely observant and can probably identify several opportunities to improve but hearing encouragement will help in the improvement of their performance.

6. Gain commitment to performance improvement. Ask employees, "What specific measures will be taken in the next 5 days to improve in this area?" Write down what the employees say and repeat it. Summarize the session by reiterating the strengths and offer a vote of confidence that can be improved in the area identified.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 with a second and third tape perhaps, if necessary. During these times, each call center agent will be able to learn step by step their mistakes and shortcomings and will soon catch on wanting to improve.

8. Follow-up before the next training session. Check with your employees between training sessions to maintain the commitment for every agent. You can touch base with employees by email or a personal conversation.

9. Discuss improvement in the next training session for call center agents. Before listening to the calls in the next training session, ask the employees how they've improved themselves since the last session. Look for improvements in the calls reviewed in the next session.

This 9-step coaching model for call center agents is simple, clear and supports opportunities for improvement.

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