Call center management is complicated. However, it can be simplified with the proper tools, such as Inova Solutions' Performance Tracker 2.0. This is a web-based dashboard that gives managers real time facts and data to work with, allowing them to make more effective decisions and adjust their plans quickly as different situations arise. Potential problems can be nipped in the bud with this call center management tool.

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The Performance Tracker works by consolidating metrics and data from multiple sources and displaying it all on one cohesive dashboard that can be customized according to your needs. Managers first see a high level overview of their business and operational metrics, but they can easily drill down into various sections to learn more details. Moreover, the system allows management teams to instantly compare actual performance versus goals, and this knowledge allows them to take immediate and effective action. All the essential information can be displayed at a glance with Performance Tracker - key performance indicators are displayed graphically in the form of charts, gauges, and grids.

How Customer Call Centers Have Improved And Why They Are Crucial For Your Business

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The hosted predictive dialer is hot, the auto dialer and cold calling is so last decade! The hosted predictive dialer is changing the telemarketing industry. The days of waiting months for a T1 to be turned up are over. The costs are significantly lower, no long term contracts,no phone vendor needed for wiring the office. Best of all agents can work from home. All you need is a computer and a Internet connection, either a DSL or cable modem and you could realistically start dialing today. A hosted predictive dialer is a computerized system, hosted by the dialing company that automatically dials batches of telephone phone numbers, to connect with a live agent or telemarketer.

The technology has changed drastically in the last few years. The basic auto dialer automatically dials telephone number lists for telemarketers who are waiting for a call. The hosted predictive dialer has algorithms in place to predict the number of lines needed to call to have a live person speak with the Telemarketer.

The hosted predictive dialer algorithms are able to detect busy phone numbers, fax machines, answering machines, disconnected numbers, and no answers.It will connect only live people to waiting call center agents. This will free the call center agents from wasting valuable time, dealing with bad calls, ring tones, busy and no answers.

The Hosted Auto Dialer algorithms will automatically make adjustments based on the phone list provided by the call center. A client who has a list with a ton of disconnected numbers, will have the number of lines automatically turned up. A client who has a list with a high connect rate will automatically use less lines and not have customers put on hold. The hosted dialer will automatically adjust to avoid call abandonment. The federal government has specific rules on the % of calls that are allowed to be abandoned.

The hosted predictive dialer is similar to a virtual voice broadcasting system used to make automated calls for non profits, politicians and B2B marketing. The Pricing for a hosted dialer system will cost under $200 per month-per agent and the call center will have call disposition and reporting.